Reaching Key & Priority populations

Health Systems Strengthening

Reaching Key & Priority populations

• MJAP prioritizes HIV services delivery for people that are at a higher risk of contracting HIV. In Uganda, key and priority populations include commercial sex workers, men who have sex with men, adolescent girls and young women, long-distance truck drivers among others. To minimize the stigma and discrimination that hinders them from accessing HIV services, MJAP has established two dedicated one-stop center HIV clinics for the provision of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services to key populations.

• MJAP also carries out targeted community outreaches for HIV services delivery. We currently work with Uganda Harm Reduction Network to provide HIV services to People who use drugs in Nakawa and Makindye Division, and Lady Mermaid to provide moonlight/mobile testing for female sex workers in their hot spots. People identified as HIV positive are supported to go to our supported clinics or other HIV clinics of their choice for long term care.

• MJAP has also worked with Most at Risk Population Initiative (MARPI) to establish the first-ever one-stop HIV clinic for key populations that now serves as a learning hub for key populations programming

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