Pharmaceutical Supply chain systems strengthening


Pharmaceutical Supply chain systems strengthening

Technical Assistance: We provide Technical Assistance/ support supervision and mentorships in stock management, stores management and logistics data management. Through these onsite support supervisions, remarkable stock management and store management improvements characterized by stable ARVs stocks have been realized in all the supported facilities.

TB and Web-Based ARV Ordering and Reporting: MJAP works with partner facilities to ensure timely ordering and delivery of adequate ARV and TB medicine orders through the Web-Based ARV Ordering and Reporting System (WAOS).This is essential to minimize stock-outs of the drugs in the partner facilities.

Logistical support to Differentiated Service Delivery Models: The efficiency of the pharmacy unit has helped to ensure an uninterrupted supply and availability of ARVs to sustain community and facility-based differentiated service delivery models. ARVs and other medicines are provided to community teams to enable same-day ART initiation and management of sexually transmitted infections in the community. The community teams are also oriented on the use of ART dispensing logs to account for the ARVs dispensed in the community.

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