Mission/Vision/Core Values

Our Vision

Universal and equitable access to quality health care for healthier populations.

Our Mission

To build partnerships and strengthen health systems to optimally respond to HIV/AIDS, TB and other diseases of public health importance in Africa.

Our Core Values

At MJAP, we believe that our performance is directly influenced by the set of values and principles by which we live and carry out our daily work. What differentiates us is not defined solely by what we do, but by how and why we do it. These values shape our culture and reflect what we stand for.

Integrity: We are responsible, observe confidentiality, transparency, and courtesy as we perform our duties.

Excellence: We execute our duties with the highest level of quality, efficiency, commitment, and flexibility.

Team Spirit : We value effective consultation in decision making, sharing information, experiences and challenges

Compassion: We endeavor to serve our clients with love, acceptance, empathy and exercise controlled emotional environment

Respect: We respect individual rights, confidentiality and privacy of service beneficiaries

Our Impact

4.1 million people offered HIV Testing Services

477,157 HIV+ persons identified and linked to care

8,120 Pregnant women initiated on ART (Option B+); transmission rate <5%

72,180 cumulative number of patients ever enrolled on ART

78,560 men offered VMMC

Our Aim

Further strengthen the model for provision of the full range of HIV/AIDS and TB prevention, care and treatment services.
Contribute to national health systems strengthening for delivery of quality services realized.
Build and sustain the internal capacity of MJAP to respond to emerging opportunities.
Leverage capacity building for research and innovation within partner academic institutions.

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